Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twang Goes The Dock Line

They call the act of heading off cruising "cutting the dock lines".  Untethering yourself from your previous land-based life as it were. Well, that twang was the sound of another dock line of ours being cut. Not the last one, but an important one nonetheless. You see, yesterday was my wife's last day at work.

Goodbye card signed by her coworkers

I think this was a particularly tough day for her.  She's had this job since shortly after she graduated from college and has spent the last 23.5 years there.  She has seen a lot in her time there (personally I'm not sure how anyone can watch laws being made for that long) and made many friends there. And given she had no less than three going away gatherings at work, I'm pretty sure that (as the above card stated) she will be missed there. But this morning she no longer has to drive to the office.

A bit more picturesque than the average office building
(Picture by Chris Gonzalez, released under GFDL)

I didn't really realize it until recently, but the way we divided up our tasks was probably more difficult for her. While I was living and working on the boat, she was in Colorado wrapping things up here.  So, while I was seeing positive progress (albeit sometimes VERY slow progress), she mostly dealt with things going away.  Fortunately only a few more days remain of those tasks, then we all head back to the east coast and to our new floating home.

After the party, of course.

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