Sunday, March 30, 2014

Renaming Ceremony Video

I've mentioned several times in the past that I've met some pretty cool people since I've started living aboard. I've also met some pretty cool people as part of this blog.  Britton and Dieter from Diving Into Cruising fit both of those categories.  In addition to their talents as scuba dive masters and at restoring their Newport 40 Ketch, they seem to be very good at taking, editing, and producing videos.

Back when we did our renaming ceremony for Rover, they shot some video of the occasion and yesterday sent me the completed video.  I think they did an awesome job (especially given the subjects), going well above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

So, here is the video of the renaming ceremony courtesy of my friends at Diving Into Cruising...

As you can see, lots of champagne was offered to the gods of the seas and the winds to help ensure Rover is safe within their realm.

While some may question the effectiveness of our ceremony given the engine trouble we had a few days later, the fact that it was all resolved with a $40 part and some new engine coolant (instead of a new engine) tells me we must have done something right.


  1. Thanks Mike! You guys were great subjects ;-) and we had lots of fun with the ceremony (both the rainout pre-ceremony and the official one)! Yep, I agree you may have bought yourself some good luck there...

    1. Oh, I believe I need to be thanking you. Narration and all...the video was impressive. It was fun, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Aahh, I remember our re-naming ceremony ... good friends and cheap champagne! Great video, and I know how exciting this is. BTW, gorgeous boat!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks. It was fun. Honestly I know nothing about champagne...but at least this wasn't the cheapest stuff you can find (I hear the gods don't like that).

      The boat looks good...from a distance. It's an ex Moorings charter boat so it has all the expected dings and scrapes. But I'm getting her back in shape...slowly.