Monday, September 24, 2012

Grades, Practice, and Oops.

We heard back from the sailing school.  I got a 100 and a 95 on the first two tests and my wife got 99 and 91.  Since anything over 80 was passing, I'd say we did rather well.

We've passed our first two classes and are studying for our third but I thought it would be a good idea not to lose those practical skills, so as a last minute idea this past weekend we rented a boat for an afternoon of sailing.

Unlike most of our classes, we again had a reasonable amount of wind.  We did all the usual maneuvers.  At one point I was having some fun doing figure 8's around two of the reservoir center-line buoys.  We even hove-to so we could enjoy our sandwiches for lunch.  It was good to get out and sail again.

Everything went well...until we came in to dock.  Now, I remember in the first class that the instructor said when you get on and off the boat that you have to commit to one or the other.  I was at the helm and my wife was ready with the dock line...but when she stepped onto the dock she was leaning back a bit and fell back so she was half on the boat and half on the dock.  Well, when one doesn't commit to one or the other she found that you are automatically the water.

It took a bit to secure the boat (an unsecured boat seemed especially dangerous with someone in the water around unforgiving docks) and then get her out of the water.  Docks don't have safety stairs and the easiest option was to use a neighboring boats swim platform (we did try using a line on the winch to create a makeshift ladder stair first).  Other than a bruise, the only damage I think was her pride.  She's a trooper though and all is well.

Overall, other than the unanticipated swim, it was a good day.  So, I guess now it is back to studying for our next class.


  1. I'm super excited to start reading this blog - I have no idea what you guys are doing now or if you are currently in your boat....I started reading "zero to cruising" last year and worked my way through the blog from the beginning as my dreams started to grow and learned a great deal from that adventure and then as there blog started to be the present day to day entries they mentioned you guys on there and I started your blog from the beginning as well, and not to cheat myself and read the last chapter of the book before I get all the details I have started from the beginning! I look forward to hearing the details of your dreams and aspirations and since I just started my own business with my partner we hope to someday follow this dream as well, but the new business is taking president at the moment!
    Douglas R...

    1. Hi Douglas,

      Welcome! I won't "ruin the story" for you...I'll just say we are a work in progress well behind Zero To Cruising and I'm sure you'll catch up pretty quick. Hope you find at least some of it informative or entertaining.

      Good luck with your business and your sailing dream!