Better Marine

I'm not a big fan of West Marine.  Sure they have boating supplies.  If you go there you can, at least sometimes, find what you can't easily find in stock in other local chandleries and stores. Unfortunately they often charge far more than anyone else in the industry (particularly when it is likely to be a part that someone really needs to get their boat repaired) unless you have the magic Port Supply card.

So here I am compiling a list of alternate suppliers I've found during my travels.  Some of these are probably familiar, and others were rooted out from local knowledge.  A few are chandleries and others only supply specific marine grade parts, but hopefully this list may help others find quality parts at more affordable prices.  In addition to the links here, please check out my Sponsors page, where you can find other quality products for your boat.

Since businesses change from time to time, I cannot guarantee that those listed will continue to supply quality parts or even be in business. I can only relate what I've found.  If you know of any changes to this list (businesses that have closed, new ones that have opened, or changes to their inventory), please let me know and I'll try to keep it up to date.

Chandlery (new & used parts)Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies116 Legion Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401New and used. Sails, hardware, line, supplies.
Chandlery (parts & supplies)Fawcett Boat Supplies919 Bay Ridge Rd, Annapolis, MD 21403New hardware, parts, supplies, clothing, electronics. 
Chandlery (parts & supplies)Kings Marine Supplies2798 Kings Creek Rd, Hayes, VA 23072Hardware, parts, resin and gelcoat, paints, etc.
Chandlery (used & new)Sailors Exchange222 West Kings St., St. Augustine, FL 32085Mostly used, some new parts and supplies. Buy or trade.
Parts/supplies (used)Nauti Nell's16507 General Puller Hwy, Deltaville, VA 23043Small supply of used marine parts in back of gift shop.
Parts/supplies (new)Hurd's (True Value) Hardware17342 General Puller Hwy, Deltaville, VA 23043Parts, supplies, tools, paints. Can special order most marine items.
Hoses, Hose Clamps, GasketsHampton Rubber1669 West Pembroke Ave., Hampton, VA 23661Marine grade hoses and quality hose clamps.
Stainless HardwareYork Bolt432 Hampton Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23693Stainless hardware, cleats, and a small selection of other boating hardware.
WiringGenuinedealz5880 New Jesup Highway, Brunswick, GA 31523Marine Grade wiring, switches, harnesses.


  1. Hi Mike,
    I know not everyone builds their own hardtop, but you may want to include where you got HD foam panels and fiberglass roving and cloth. Or include those as well as the above in a special "building your own hardtop" posting
    Doug in VT

    1. Hey Doug,
      I have been working on another post with the total cost that includes a list of most of the supplies. I'll add the info to that post. Of course, it won't be done until the top is complete. Most of the supplies, including the foam panels, were actually acquired through the marina and I think they ordered from Paxton in Norfolk.

      I'm also looking at making a Projects page with overviews and links to the relevant posts (because, despite Blogger being part of Google, the search option isn't very good on the blog).