Friday, November 14, 2014

On My Way South

I am on the move at last. I left the Deltaville boat yard around noon on Tuesday with my volunteer help, trying to head south before this strange arctic weather arrives. After a combination of motoring and sailing we anchored in Mobjack bay just as the sun set that evening. The next day we made it through Norfolk and on to the free dock at the Great bridge lock (Chesapeake VA) for the second night. Yesterday we continued motoring down the ICW past Coin jock and anchored in Broad Creek (NC I believe) just north of the Albemarle sound.

The Arctic blast has caught up with us and it is cold and windy...too windy to attempt crossing the Albemarle sound, so we are staying put today, trying to stay warm, and hoping for better weather tomorrow. Wind is around 25 knots and the temperature is maybe 40 if we are lucky. This really shows how poorly insulated boats are.

The two uses of the anchor indicate that she sets and holds very well in the softer bottoms of the Chesapeake area.

Cell phone and Internet access are spotty, so no pictures or long stories today. Hopefully this will post.


  1. We loved that anchorage but I don't know that I'd want to wait out a blow there. Fair winds on your way south. See you soon!

    1. The "blow" wasn't that bad...until you add in the long fetches and shallow water of the Albemarle. We were the first of 3 boats there and worked our way up the creek to where it shows a depth of 7 on the chart and felt well protected.