Thursday, April 9, 2015

Definitely Not Home Anymore

My wife and I, with my parent's help, have been putting in long hours the last several days trying to meet a deadline with our house.  The realtor was scheduled to come on Wednesday to take pictures for the MLS listing for our house so we could put it on the market today.

Proof it is for sale...the realty sign

If you have ever seen our house you know that, while we aren't dirty people, we don't keep the house spotless. There are just too many things to do in life to spend hours every day cleaning a home.  And since we owned a home true American fashion...was way bigger than we needed, over 18 years we accumulated a lot of stuff to fill that space.  Not necessarily useful stuff and, if I had it all to do over again, I doubt I would have bought much of it...but we were busy being good American consumers. It has been quite an undertaking to move completely out, clean it all up, and get it ready to sell.  And we almost made it by the time the realtor arrived with his camera (the images here are mine, not the realtor).

Living room and hall

Family room

There are still a couple small piles of stuff in the garage...mostly extra packing boxes and cleaners...but we should be done with it all today.  Then we need to re-pack and re-evaluate what has been earmarked for transport to the boat while we spend a day or so at my mother-in-law's place.  I think we may have just a bit more than will fit in the Prius, at least if we intend to fit ourselves in it as well.

Master bath

Master Bedroom

If you happen to know of someone who wants to move to the Denver metro area, we know of a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house they can buy and move in immediately.  It has a number of upgrades to make it more energy efficient, including being one of the few in our neighborhood to be built to the Ideal Energy Home standards of the day.  I know our utility bills are about half of some of our neighbors. If we had stayed, we probably would have added solar and tried to see how close to net zero we could get.  Unlike many of the houses of the period, the lower level of this house is all brick for lower maintenance. The neighborhood is desirable and is supposed to have good schools (our dogs didn't use them).  Since it is early spring, you can't tell from the pictures but the back yard is actually a nice retreat to hang out in during the summer.

Update:  It appeared in the MLS mid-morning yesterday.  You can see it here as long as the listing lasts.

The backyard retreat

So, wish us luck as we make the move to the boat...if the wheels don't fall off the Prius trying to get us and the stuff across the country.


  1. T minus ........!

    Lets see 2 humans, 2 dogs (shhhh, don't tell them I called them dogs), boat stuff, all in one Prius. Should be an interesting 2000 miles. :-)

    1. Us and the dogs fit the other stuff, it will be like storing provisions on a boat. There is a lot of space around the spare tire, right?

  2. Mike
    Not that you need anymore stuff, but a roof bag for the car , 11 or 15 cu ft, might provide the needed space for transporting stuff to boat. At $44 to $70 , it might also serve a useful purpose on boat. Have fun on the Road Trip.
    Doug from VT

    1. The bigger problem is if we take more stuff can it all fit on the boat. Since I've already been living on it, it has most of the necessities and so we really only need some clothes for my wife and a few personal items to make it feel like home.

      That is the main reason for the size restriction. Otherwise we could get a small roof rack or trailer. Might be easier to ship a few things if it is really needed...but I hope not.