Saturday, July 2, 2016


Rover is land-bound again. Like usual, it was a tight fit in the haul out pit, but we got her in, got her lifted, and got her blocked on land.  I was impressed with the apparent care they took with handling the boat so I have some hope that I have chosen a better yard this time.

After finding a place for her to sit in the yard, we made some last minute preparations and headed out on our road trip back to Colorado to see family and friends. Until moving onto the boat, I've always lived near where interstate 25 and Interstate 70 cross. I-70 heading west out of Denver and into the mountains is as familiar to me as any place in the country. So, when arriving in Baltimore and seeing the I-70 sign we knew exactly how we would be getting back to Colorado.

Shortly after taking the on ramp to I-70, we saw an interesting mileage sign. Didn't expect to see Denver listed, but there it was...a mere 1700 miles away.

I'd like to say we have been doing the touristy thing, but we both seem to have come down with a cold right after arriving in Baltimore. Not feeling like playing tourist, we are just making the drive. The pretty green rolling hills of the Allegany mountains gave way to green fields of corn. Forested lands have slowly started turning into the great plains as we arrived in St. Louis.  This is where I'm writing this, while popping cold meds in our hotel room just west of town.

We should be in Denver soon.


  1. Safe driving my friend. A few "tourist" places along the way might be good spots to rest. Don't push the distances if not feeling well.

    1. Thanks buddy! Just don't feel like stopping and looking at much. So we drive, stop for meals and at night. Hopefully we will feel better on the ride back and can be tourists.