Thursday, July 7, 2016

Far From The Sea

We made it to Denver, and just beyond, the day after my last post. The plains gave way to the Great American Desert and then finally the Rocky Mountains could be seen in the distance. We drove through Denver and made our way up to Summit County for our first stop to visit family.

Getting pretty flat here.

Unfortunately, the colds we acquired in Baltimore accompanied us on the trip. The congestion in our heads easily indicated our continuous change in altitude. We went from Sea level, through 5280 feet in Denver (it is known as the mile high city after all), and on to 11, 178 feet at the Eisenhower tunnel before descending to just over 9000 feet at our destination.

Back In Colorado

 Up here we are surrounded by many of the ski areas for which the Colorado mountains are well known. While skiing isn't an option this time of year, there is still quite a bit to do here. Hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, kayaking and...yes...even sailing are options here. At least they are when you well well.

Dillon valley and reservoir.

Not feeling great, we currently aren't in much of a condition to enjoy what the Rockies have to offer. In fact our only plans were to take in a free National Repertory Orchestra 4th of July concert at the Dillon Amphitheater and the fireworks display over the reservoir that evening. Unfortunately we only made it about half way through the concert before our colds had us retreating back home to rest

Dillon theater. Nice setting.

Hopefully a couple days of rest will be all that is needed so we can enjoy the rest of our trip. It does feel like we are a long way from our home on the sea.


  1. Shame about the colds :-( Hopefully, you're feeling better in no time and can enjoy your time there.

    1. Thanks! Starting to feel better, hope that trend continues.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Hope you both are feeling better, nothing worse than a head cold and driving to 8000'. Is the boatyard you selected soda blasting the the bottom paint off? For myself, I'm dealing with broken volvo penta headbolt (exhaust manifold clogged up with rust)- drilling and screw extractor didn't work, so drilled out and I'm trying to tap new metric threads. If that doesn't work it's helicoil. BOATs- it's always somethin'
    The offer for visiting N VT is still open if you happen to head this way.
    Doug in VT

    1. Hi Doug,

      Finally starting to feel a bit better, but recovery has been a bit slow, thus the lack of recent posts.

      The boatyard has soda blasted the bottom and is now applying the barrier coat. The boat didn't originally have a barrier coat and there were no blisters. Still, figure a barrier coat makes sense before adding the anti fouling paint.

      Work seems to be progressing well and the yard is communicating and providing pictures, so I'm hopeful that this will not be like my other boatyard experiences.