Monday, April 9, 2012

Making Lemonade

Well, I thought by now I'd be writing about our "on the water" sailing lessons, but I've come down with a cold so I haven't scheduled those lessons yet.  In the meantime, making the best of it when I've been feeling well enough, I've continued with some research.

For the research, I've created a new page (as previously promised) where I can save the more useful links I run across.  You should now see a navigation bar just below the site banner that will take you there.

As for the current research, I've been looking at the dreaded "money" question.  How much does it take to go cruising?

It is the question everyone wants answered yet doesn't seem to have one.  Well, OK there is one: "It takes just a little bit more than you have."

I do understand why there isn't a good answer though.  Just as everyone who lives on land lives in different homes and on a different budget, the same would naturally hold on a boat.  Our daily lifestyle choices make a big difference, things like:
  • Do you eat out a lot or cook meals at home (and how gourmet are they)?
  • Do you have a big home and lots of "toys" (and can you live without them)?
  • Are you a do-it-yourself type or do you have lots of "people" on speed dial?
And if your plan is like mine, to drastically change how you live, that only complicates the equation.  While lifestyle differences can have a big impact, I think one of the questions that many struggle with is this:  How does a boat compare with caring for a home.  I'm still trying to figure this out, so sorry, no answer here today.

What I can say I've found is that, while there are examples of annual cruising budgets from $6000 (US) a year and up, there do seem to be quite a few in the $12000~$18000 (US) a year range.  That's pretty cheap living in paradise.

Check out some of the links I've added to the Money section of the research page.  And as I find  more information of interest, I'll add it to that page.

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