Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello? Did the boat sink?

Sorry.  I'd like to apologize to the very few folks that are currently following along for the lack of posts.  My wife had I have had some other obligations we've needed to deal with over the past couple of weeks.

Today I expected to be writing about our next-to-last sailing lesson for our current course.  Unfortunately the school seemed to miss the fact that it's Fathers Day and we got a call yesterday afternoon that our class would be cancelled.  So, nothing new to report other than we are still trying to make progress and we have to reschedule a lesson.

While working out these other obligations, we did have a chance to stop by another semi-local reservoir and we inquired about options for renting sailboats.  The rumors I've heard on the requirements for chartering boats in the Caribbean seems to similar to what we found for renting a boat at this reservoir.  The most important credential seems to be a valid credit card.  They did say they had a quick and easy verbal quiz...and the example question was pretty basic.  So, the good news is we should at least have the ability to practice our newly acquired skills this summer.

I've also been working on a little more research...but nothing worthy of a post yet.  We haven't given up and more will follow...I promise.

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