Saturday, September 22, 2012

Talk Like a Sailor

A few days ago was International Talk Like A Pirate day.  Since we started to learn to sail, it has amazed me how much of our vernacular appears to come from the sailing days of old. While going through some of the sailing blogs I read (I hope this is the one I found it on), I just happened to come across a link to a pretty good list of terms and phrases used today that can trace their origins to sailing.  Many of these you would not even expect came from sailing ("devil to pay"...really?).  When you have a little time, take a look at the list:

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.  And who knows, maybe you did talk like a pirate...or at least a sailor....that day.


  1. Hello,
    I read your blog, it's interesting.
    Still a long ways to go.
    May I suggest the following books?
    Yacht design by Robert Perry.
    Things I wished I had known before I started sailing.By John Vigor.
    The Voyager's handbook by Beth Leonard.
    and Nigel Calder's Cruising handbook.
    Also google "why a ketch?"

    Good luck in your search for your boat.

    1. Hi Bob V.
      Thanks! We do indeed have a ways to go. I appreciate the suggestions on reading materials, I'll check them out. Trying to learn as fast as we can...and appreciate any tips along the way.

      Take care,