Friday, January 30, 2015

You'll Never Guess What I Did Today

Yep, more window fun.  While waiting for the sealant to cure on the starboard side salon window, I removed the port side window today.  I'll spare you the details...if you are interested, it went just like the last one.  There is now plastic over the window opening awaiting the new glass on that side.

I did want to talk about a couple quick things today though.  First, I forgot to give a shout out to my friend and dock-mate Bill.  He has been helping me when I needed a hand with both the window and anchor locker projects.  Single handing this boat I think is easier than single-handed repair of a boat and I really appreciate his help.  Thanks Bill...I definitely owe you one.

Second, if you have noticed, I've been trying to do daily posts over the last week or so.  In the past I've tried to hold off telling the story of a given project until it was complete, but that often left me with several days between posts.  So my question to you, dear reader, is do you like this approach?  Do you prefer hearing something daily or do you prefer a post that summarizes a more complete story?  If you have an opinion, please leave a comment letting me know what you like.


  1. Hey Mike, for some reason, your blog is one of the few blogs that I actually keep up with, so if you post everyday, then we'll read just about everything you write about (when we get internet). But the question I have is: when are you setting off into the sunset?? Thought you were gonna beat me out here but you're still doing projects?? So when do you plan to leave and where you going?

    Kevin s/v Catchin' Rays

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the vote. Boat projects are a never ending thing, and they go very slowly when you are alone...which is why I am thankful for Bill and others that give me a helping hand from time to time. Remember when I asked if I could borrow your boys for a few weeks? ;-)

      To answer your question....soon. Not going to set a date...because I refuse to make definitive plans...but soon.

      How long are you going to be in the Bahamas? And are you heading back to the states or continuing down the thorny path?

    2. The real answer is we don't know. We'd like to continue on down the thorny path (but we are beginning to understand why they call it thorny) but we don't know if where we end up, is really where we want to be. We have a couple of friends (one in Key West and one in Miami) that will be heading out in March and they are afraid we are getting too far away for them to catch up. We may hang out in Georgetown at least until after the regatta, but we'd like to be heading towards the BVI - we think that sounds like a good place to target - but from there, do we head down or head back?? That's the part we haven't figured out yet.

    3. Oh, and p.s. - yes, we couldn't be doing this by ourselves, especially since Tami got a bad foot now. They help out tremendously, and Justin is like my own live-in mechanic/technician/captain - he basically takes care of all the maintenance on the boat and keeps everything repaired to keep us going....good luck without one of him on board.

    4. Yep, "don't know" is a pretty regular answer around here as well. Sounds like you are heading fairly far south, so not sure when we'll run into one another. Best case scenario right now is we might make it to the Bahamas before "H" season, then be back state side cruising the coast for the latter summer.

      And you've sold me on Justin, when can he start? ;-) I've joked around that all I need is a 20' long arm with 4 elbows and I could actually work on the boat by myself. But I'd look pretty goofy.

  2. Short daily posts are better that a history blog


  3. I do read your posts nearly every day, 1x every few days or 2x week might make more sense. Readers look for consistency but I doubt you'll be able to keep up a daily post once you get underway. Some of your repairs and reports are good enough for mags like Cruising World. You might not be an expert but you document things well in text and pics.
    Doug in damn cold VT

    1. Thanks Doug! That is very nice of you to say. Yeah, I know that daily will become an issue when internet access is sketchy...and there will be other days when I just don't have time or energy for a post.

      But I've found that I have been holding off on telling a given story until I have a conclusion and that doesn't really chronicle the day-to-day lifestyle. And...with my less than perfect memory, I worry that I forget details.

      So, I'm thinking I will try to write daily but wanted to know what people were interested in. I could just write and store stuff in a draft or I could try to publish the incomplete stories in more of a daily log.