Sunday, February 1, 2015

Always Be Prepared

While that may be the motto of the Boy Scouts, it also should be the motto of most boaters.  All sorts of things can happen and it is good to be prepared   Of course the preparation I want to talk about today isn't quite as serious in nature as some you might face aboard a boat out in the ocean.

You see, yesterday a sign appeared at the marina.  There will be a Superbowl party starting at 5 PM today.  As is usual for this sort of thing, it is a "bring your own" affair.  In this case, Brunswick Landing Marina was supplying spiral sliced ham and each guest was supposed to bring a side and your own beverages.

Needing to throw something together last minute to take to a party or gathering is something you will likely need to do from time to time.  Having things on board to do this is pretty much a necessity unless you want to be the anti-social hermit type.  In the past I've managed in these cases, but I've been quite busy with the boat and this time it caught me unprepared.

Now I could have just not gone to the party...but I could really use a break from the boat work.  Fortunately I still have a car and so I went to the store and bought the Winn Dixie bucket-o-potato-salad after applying gel coat to the anchor locker repair.  So, I'm heading to the party with my store bought side...and the irony is I don't really even follow American football.

One of these days I'll figure out something to keep on the boat for these parties that isn't mostly junk food.

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