Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rainy Hampton Roads

It was time to give up our nice free spot in Portsmouth to some other deserving cruiser. Unfortunately, we hadn't come up with a better plan so we really didn't have a destination in mind.  I looked around and found a small anchorage in Hampton that claimed to have free WiFi and a nearby dinghy dock.  This sounded like as good of a place as any to hang out for another night or so as we continue working on the plan for the next couple months.

An interesting replica ship we ran across at Hampton Roads
The past few days have been sunny and hot, but we awoke this morning to overcast skies.  It is interesting, but the last time I was here it was nice when I arrived and rainy when I was departing north.  In any case, we untie the lines and, after determining that the tugs playing around the battleship across the river were not going to be in our way, we departed.

Small Anchorage. Image from ActiveCaptain
It was a short trip down the Elizabeth river, across Hampton Roads, and up the Hampton River. When we got to the anchorage location, we found a very small area with a string of crab pots going through it.  Even though it was a nice location, we decided there just wasn't enough room for our catamaran. We decided the other options that were marked up in this river were likely not any better and decided to go to an anchorage we heard of near Fort Monroe.

Fort Monroe Anchorage - Image from ActiveCaptain
This anchorage sits between the Hampton Roads beltway and Fort Monroe so we didn't expect much quiet but it actually was.  It was also pretty well protected from north through east winds, but some waves seem to sneak in from the south.  Just after we dropped the anchor, the rains started.

Wall of Rain Approaching
It rained on and off for the next 3 days...mostly on.  But we were still able to launch the dinghy and take the dogs exploring at Fort Monroe.  This was the first time the dogs had been in the dinghy, and I'm not sure they enjoyed the ride.  Maybe they just hate the life jackets, I'm not sure.  They did enjoy getting off the boat and roaming around the fort.

Ft Monroe Lighthouse

Dogs exploring the fort with us

View of the Chesapeake from the fort
We were able to come up with a new plan as well.  We have decided to go to a marina here in Hampton Virginia for a little while so we can sort out our cars (and maybe get them sold), have family come visit, and get some work done.  Then we will make our way to a yard to get the last few bigger items done.  At least that is what we have scribbled in the sand for now.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Maybe it's just me but looking at hurricane tracks in the last dozen years, it seems they are more likely to go inland/cause distruction around NC/VA area than , let's say,Northern Fl or Georgia coast. Sometimes I question the reasoning behind insurance co having you go above a certain N lat. The S Lat demarcation, eg Trinidad makes long and short term historical sense, but the N lat not so much. Assume you get released from restrictions sometime in Nov. Good luck with your bimini and other projects.
    Doug in VT

    1. Oh Doug, I agree. Doesn't make sense...but that is what the insurance wants for now. I think it may have more to do with spreading out the insurance companies risk..but that is just a guess. Thanks for the well wishes on the projects...I could use a bit of good luck right now.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Have been googling (if that is a word) the towns that you have been passing and stopping at on your journey North. They all look really neat places. So much history to read up on beforehand. I didn't realize the ICW would be interesting, and free docking locations surprised me. Looking forward to doing the journey just to visit these same places.

    1. Yeah, there are some neat places along the ICW...and unfortunately we've breezed by quite a few. Hope to catch more on the way south. Being...ahem...frugal...I try to find free docks when I can (a bit easier than the dinghy with the dogs) and there are quite a few out there if you look. Active Captain has many listed...usually with the anchorage markers.