Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Best and Worst of the Project Thus Far

Anyone who has ever installed fiberglass insulation has experienced the itchy nature of said material. Well, it has nothing on fiberglass dust.  And that has been what we've been dealing with the last couple days.
A bit hard to tell, but the edge is glassed.

After finishing the layers of glass on the edges of the top (two layers of 10 oz fabric with chopped strand around the complex curves at the corners and end caps), we were trying to figure out the best (read fastest) way to smooth some of the rough fiberglass edges where layers of the 1708 fabric overlap.  Since we will be applying a texture, the top shouldn't need to be completely smooth, but the ridges at the edges of the fabric do need to be smoothed out a bit.

So, the last couple days we've been grinding off part of that fiberglass we spent so much time applying to the top (and then spending a lot of time in the shower trying to wash the irritating dust off...glad we have access to a shower with unlimited water right now).  We have been feathering the rough edges, mostly where the beams were applied to the bottom side using 40~80 grit sandpaper.  Today we will be putting a single layer of 10oz cloth over them to further smooth out the surface and provide the final layer for the beams.  After that, we will use a small amount of resin to help smooth the pattern in the various fabrics (or as they call it, filling in the weave).

Edges of the fiberglass feathered mostly smooth

Once all of that is complete, it will be time to add the cutout for the sail viewing window and applying the gel coat.  Sounds easy...but I suspect it will take a bit of time.  Time is one thing we are running out of in a hurry.  The weather is getting cooler, so we need to get moving to get this project done.

As I think I mentioned briefly in a previous post, my friends over at The Retirement Project came by for a visit and to see my little project just before the threat of hurricane Joaquin popped up.  While I wish it had been under better circumstances, it was really nice getting to spend a little time with them (despite most of the recent content of my posts, we do occasionally take a break from the top).  But as is the case with cruisers, the wandering heart and lure of warmer waters beckons and they departed this morning.  Safe Travels Deb and TJ.

The Kintala crew preparing to depart.

Heading off into the sunrise.

Their visit has given me a bit if a lift though, and with any luck we will have the new top installed and be following them south soon.

If you haven't checked out The Retirement Project, I highly recommend it.  Deb and TJ are good writers and it is one of my favorite reads.


  1. Glad you got a break and a nice visit with the Retirement Project crew! You guys probably needed it :-)

    1. A few small breaks when they were here, but it was nice...and needed. We even went to see a movie...first time I've been in a movie theater for a long, long time.