Thursday, September 1, 2016

Waiting Out Hermine

We think we have a basic plan for making it down the Chesapeake. We even plan on doing some of the Albemarle Loop. Of course, Hermine (just upgraded from a TS to an H) also seems to be planning to visit everything we will on our way south.  So, for now we will sit here in what we hope will be a bit safer location to wait out the storm.

The forecast "cone" seems to change a bit as we go, but so far Baltimore seems to be outside of it. The worst of the forecasts are showing winds no more than 30 knots or so in the area.  We have doubled up on dock lines, added extra chafe protection, and removed most loose items from the cockpit.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the calm before the storm, so we will continue to watch the forecasts and make appropriate preparations.

To all our friends and acquaintances in the path of Hermine, we hope you stay safe and secure.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Good Luck on your trip south. Lots of things to see and do on the way down the Chesapeake. The Albemarle Loop- interesting marketing concept for a lot of small towns to generate some tourism from boaters. Seems you're having a heat spell in Baltimore. How soon can you be south of 35 deg latitude per your insurance?
    Doug In VT

    1. Letting my wife decide what to see and where to go. Yeah, the Albemarle loop is as you describe I think. But, inexpensive marinas (many around $1/ft.) and hopefully interesting small towns.

      The insurance issue has been resolved, we no longer have any restriction for location along the east coast.