Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did We Really Just Put an Offer in on a Boat?

Catching back up to the present...

On our flight back from Florida we had a lot of thinking to do.  When we were actually looking at the Lagoon, we were in "evaluating the model" mode more than "evaluating this particular boat" mode. After rushing off to see what we thought was our top contender (the PDQ 36) and the PDQ 32, we now wish we had spent a bit more time on this particular Lagoon.

As I had mentioned, it is a bit more of a project than we anticipated for our first boat.  I don't think any of the projects are particularly difficult, but it isn't the "ready to cruise" variety either.  Having been a prior charter boat, the engines have about 5000 hours on them and with unknown maintenance practices may be an issue.  While the main sail is newer, the head sail and spinnaker are currently unknown to us as they were not on the boat at the time (but does have a new roller furling system).  There are a number of small dings in the gel coat and some work in the interior (completing the installation of a new headliner, replacing the cabin sole in the galley, and fixing or replacing some of the galley cabinetry) to take care of.  Several hatches need new friction hinges, the bed cushions require replacement and the salon cushions are worn vinyl and could use new upholstery.

So, after much thought and consideration of the issues and our desires and my abilities, we decided to put in an offer that would give us enough  cushion on the price to bring her to good condition.  We received a counter offer from the owner that was acceptable to us, so we are now under contract.

If you would like to see the listing for the boat, you can find it on YachtWorld here (at least as long as it remains in their database).

Soon we will be heading back to Florida for the survey and sea trial (and trust me, I will be looking over the boat very will the inspector I hope). Definitely feeling both nervous and excited at this point. If everything checks out, we may soon have our next home.


  1. Good luck with the purchase. I see the status of the boat on yachtworld is "Sale Pending", so I hope it works out for you. Can't wait until we are in that position!!!

    1. Thanks Britton. Keep the faith, you will get there.

  2. Congratulations! That boat model was on our top 5 list but in the end we just couldn't afford it.


    S/V Kintala

    1. Thanks Deb. Other than the draft, we do like most everything else about the model.

  3. Wow... Congratulations!

    Very scary and very exciting at the same time!

    I'm jealous of your fear and excitment. My wife and I are in that very early "Hey wouldn't it be great to..." phase of considering doing exactly what you are. So I've been lurking on your blog for ages with a mixture of great admiration and sheer hatred! LOL!

    Good luck with the next part of this adventure. I hope the refit goes quickly and painlessly for you.

    I'll be following closely and taking notes!

    1. Hi Brett, yes, yes it is both exciting and scary. Not just the process of buying a boat (although it does feel a bit overwhelming right now) but also selling off our "stuff" and cutting the ties to what people generally consider a normal life and stepping off into the unknown.

      The refit will be more extensive than the average boat for sure, but first we need to get past the survey and sea trial and actually close on the boat. One step at a time...if I think about too much more I may go crazy. :-)