Friday, October 25, 2013

The Hunt Continues

Ironically within days of the last deal falling through, in addition to a couple boats that were already on our short list, a couple new listings appeared.  One is a Lagoon 37 and another is a Moorings/Leopard 3800. This actually made for a bit of a we really seem to like both boats and can't decide which one to pursue.


The Lagoon 37 was at the top of our list for a while as we like the amount of space, the configuration of the bunks and the amount of storage.  After giving up on finding a decent Lagoon 37 and looking at the Leopard, we really liked the separate shower, galley up design and layout of the cockpit of it.  It seems for each pro or con we come  up with for one boat, we come up with one for the other boat.  As many people often say, all boats are a compromise...unfortunately it seems that, while each of these boats is very different, they each come up equal to one another in our eyes when all the dust settles.

Funny how life works sometimes, isn't it?


  1. Maybe it should come down to which one you can get the better deal on. Offer low-ball on each and see who comes back with the better deal; that way you find out who's more motivated. Good luck

    1. The way things have been going, I think I'd be lucky to find a seller that doesn't think their boat is still brand new or made of solid gold.

  2. The Leopard 38 is still at the top of our catamaran list. It's the little things like the shade louvers on the front windows thatt make a huge difference. That being said we looked at a specific Lagoon 37 that we really liked because the owner had done so many decorating mods. Each boat is different. Take the one you feel can be your home.

    S/V Kintala

    1. Yeah, the louvers are one of the pluses in the Leopard column when compared to the "greenhouse" windows that would need covers on the Lagoon. We like 2/3 of the berths on the Lagoon just a bit more than the Leopard...we like the 2 working heads and separate shower of the Leopard more...we...analyze things too

      We *think* either one could be a home...of course ask again after we've had one a year and the answer may differ. ;-)


      P.S. Really enjoying hearing of your latest blog topics...sailing south.