Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Own A Boat!

We depart Denver as we have done numerous times before on this boat buying expedition, but this time it is decidedly different.

The view from my airplane seat.
Ok, so it wasn't snowing when we left before...but that's not it.  This time, by the time we return, we should be the owners of our future floating home.

Over the past week or two we have been mulling over our options for where to dock the boat short term, what repairs and upgrades we really want to do right away, where to get insurance, as well as all the things left to do at our current house and our recently inherited one.  It has been a bit crazy.  I can't be the first person to buy a boat with limited experience, but many of the insurance companies I contacted did seem to act that way (even though we did take all those classes).  I also thought it shouldn't be too hard to find a dock or slip since so many cruisers are heading south towards the islands right now, but finding a home for a 21+ foot beam boat isn't as easy as one for the average mono hull.

Our broker comes through yet again and has hooked us up with an insurance guy that works the east coast and found us what seems to be a decent policy at about 1% of the hull value. He has also hooked us up with a very nice and well protected marina in which to dock the boat while we do some refit (and at what seems to be a very good price for the area as well).  He also helped locate an instructor to help us get used to our new boat and help us get it moved to its temporary home. The only downside of this trip is that our broker has to work a boat show in St. Petersburg so we won't see him until after we close and move the boat.

We arrive and make our way to Daytona to take a look at the repairs that were part of our conditional acceptance of vessel (our broker had taken a peek at them the day before...but I wanted to do it myself...even if I didn't know a whole lot about the repairs. I do like to think I have some decent general mechanical aptitude). We meet the selling agent at the boat and verify the transmission is now shifting as it should and that the leaking transmission cooler is replaced.

Everything looks good so I send the closing company the authorization-to-close paperwork and they proceeded with the closing. We wired money into escrow and scanned in a signed authorization to close before we left, so within a couple hours of sending the authorization email, we owned a 1999 Leopard 38. No sitting down with the current owner and pouring over reams of paperwork to sign your life away as is done with a house. It is OURS! I think we needed some fireworks. Of course, by the time we closed it was dark and we had been traveling all day so the fresh baked cookies at the hotel will have to do.

Weather is a bit better in Daytona
I really need to write more about the process and all the people who helped us get to this point, but that will have to wait for another time as this will be a busy week.

How interesting.  I just noticed this is post 100.  Seems like a good milestone for a nice round number.


  1. Congratulations. This is just the beginning of a great new adventure.

  2. Congrats - such great news and exciting times ahead of you. Cheers - Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen! We are definitely excited...and nervous...and...well, it runs the gamut of emotions it seems.

  3. Congrats and welcome to the hell and enjoyment of boat ownership. I've learned a lot about my Leopard in the nine months I've owned it. Overall, very pleased. Be sure to join the Leopard forum on Yahoo - lots of great helpful folks there with a ton of info.
    You can't know too much, is how I look at it.

    1. Thanks Dave. I did try to join the Yahoo group a while back but it wanted me to create another email account (via Yahoo) in order to use it. Hopefully there is another option, but I haven't had time to research it...and I have too many email addresses already.

      Might have to break down and do it anyway...but need to at least get rid of a couple other email addresses first.

  4. That's awesome Mike! Congrats to you both! Been one hell of a ride to get there, but you finally arrived. :-)


    1. Thanks! But I think the ride is just beginning.