Sunday, December 8, 2013

You Would Have Thought We Would Have Been More Prepared

But you would be wrong.  We've been looking for a boat for so long that you would have thought that we would have worked out a lot of the details by now.  And there certainly are few that we could have figured out before now, but there are a number of things that needed to wait until we had a specific boat locked in.

As the closing day on our boat approaches, we are scrambling to get a lot of things lined up. We couldn't determine a good place to temporarily store the boat until we knew where we were going to take possession.  We wouldn't know how long the refit was likely to take until we knew which boat we were going to buy. In fact we couldn't even get an insurance quote until we could give the insurance company the make and model of the boat and where we were going to keep it.

We now know most of this information, so the scramble to get everything lined up begins.  Our broker, Pete Gulick, has been a huge help with all of this.  Again he has gone above and beyond to help us find dockage and insurance options that didn't break the bank, an instructor to help us move the boat from its current home, and a bunch of other odds and ends to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

We will be taking posession in Daytona Florida and will do some initial refit somewhere in the St. Augustine area. We will then depart Florida before the greedy tax man decides to extract his 6 pounds of flesh from us (we are not Florida residents nor do we want to be...) and cruise up the east coast this summer.  That is all the "plan" that we have so far.

We are trying to avoid making too many plans as this is supposed to be a more carefree lifestyle and as someone recently told me "schedules kill sailors" (and we don't want that). So sorry for the lack of posts recently, but know that progress is being made and more will be coming soon.


  1. When do you think you'll be in St. Augustine? Maybe we can hook up for sundowners.

    S/V Kintala

    1. Still trying to figure some of the schedule out. Was thinking you would be passing through there sometime in the near future. Will keep you posted.

  2. But ---- if you have a dinghy and it is not out within ten days, the FL taxman will take that pound of flesh. I know. BTW, it took me an hour to get the 90 day no-tax decal off my boat. Not sure what the adhesive is, but they could stick unstickable stuff together with it.
    FYI, if you ever go back to FL and the boat is not registered somewhere, he will try very hard to get his six pounds of flesh. So be sure it is registered, even if it is documented.

    1. Thanks for the warnings Dave. Florida seems to have quite the reputation in both the boating and aviation worlds for over agrressive attempts to collect taxes not due them from non residents.