Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Boy, so much has happened this past year...and for that fact, the past 5 days.  I packed up some stuff (and forgot a bunch of other stuff), drove 1820 miles in my little Toyota Celica, moved aboard our boat, started working my current job from the boat, and started getting settled in to this new life.  Finding more to add to the list of projects I need to start working on to turn it from a boat into our home, but I have started a couple of them. Met a lot of nice people and I even made to the St. Augustine Beach new years celebration (that, in true cruising fashion, celebrates the new year at 8:30pm). With all that has happened this week, I was pretty exhausted and crashed before midnight.  I did awaken at midnight when some local fireworks were set off (the un-insulated hull of a boat doesn't dampen the sound...was a bit like the inside of a drum when the loud ones went off).

I need to get into a better groove for these posts as I have so much to write about...but need to tend to some more urgent issues so I will just wish you a happy new year and leave you with a little video of last nights fireworks finale.

That was only the very end...the whole show was quite a bit longer.  They put on a pretty good show. Thanks again Pete (coolest boat broker in the world), for inviting me along.

Happy New Year!  May 2014 be all you can dream it can be.

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