Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lest you think it is all work here...

Just a quick note tonight.  This is the view from my back patio on Friday evening...where it was a comfortable 74 degrees.  It's not all repair work here.

Not a bad evening sitting on the back of the boat sharing a beer with a new friend.


  1. Replies
    1. Was a nice evening. Warm, calm, not too many bugs. The warm seems to be in a bit shorter supply these days it seems.

      Glad you liked the picture...I need to get out the real camera instead of just using the cell phone.

  2. The only things I would add to that picture is a fishing pole and me!! LOL nice to see things progressing. Being still stuck in Colorado I am enjoying living vicariously thru you guys and our friends on One Love!

    1. A fishing who around here would have time for that? ;-) I think Mike and Rebecca are having more fun than I am right now.

      But if you ever saw their page on "Reality Cruising Adventure" you can come on down and I'll show you the joys of servicing diesel engines, fixing hatch leaks...and propane leaks...and fresh water system leaks, hunting down 12v electrical system issues, cleaning bilges, and the list goes on. lol...probably not selling this am I?