Monday, May 12, 2014

Jekyll Island

The islands outside of Brunswick are known as the Golden Isles and are a reasonably popular tourist and sightseeing destination in the area.  I took a few hours off from the boat work to visit Jekyll Island the other day.  There is a $6 charge to get to the island and they apparently use the money to work on biking and hiking trails and other support for tourist activities.  It is a more natural island than St. Simons (which is

I went and took a walk on driftwood beach.  I took my good camera, unfortunately I didn't check the battery before I left and as a result found the battery dead after trying to take a picture.  So, I only have a few images I snapped with my cell phone.

It was a nice walk and a good chance to see some of the more natural beauty of the area.  Wish I had my mountain bike with me, this island seems like it would be a good place to ride around.

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