Friday, June 6, 2014

A Technology Black Hole

I shouldn't be complaining about this, and truth be told I'm not.  I found a bit of a technology black hole in Deltaville.  For several days I've had VERY limited internet access and no cell phone service.  The boatyard I'm in has a wireless router and repeater...that needs to be repaired/installed.  Right now the only working router is the one that just barely covers their small office space.  My cell and tablet won't even connect to the wireless when sitting outside the office door.  Unfortunately the Wirie, while picking up a number of wireless signals (but not the boatyard office), didn't see an open signal to use anywhere.

And speaking of my cell...apparently T-mobile has never heard of this little peninsula in Virginia.  I guess Verizon owns the show here and unless you have a phone that can use the Verizon network, getting cell coverage here is...shall we say...a challenge.  While Verizon had good coverage in the U.S., I know that the rest of the world doesn't use the same radio technology as them (GSM versus CDMA) so I don't really want to switch...but I have been finding my coverage less than ideal.

All things to consider when you are heading off to live on a boat.  Personally I kind of like being a little more out of know what they say...ignorance is bliss.

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