Monday, June 2, 2014

Can't Wait to Have Solar on the Boat

Having spent the last few nights at anchor, I have to say I just cannot wait to install alternative energy options on s/v Rover.  When purchased, the only option (other than a shore power cord), was to run a Northern Lights generator for power.  Sadly, I have not remedied this situation yet so I have to fire up the generator once a day or so to top off the house batteries.

As I sit here typing this, the drone of the generator going in the background and disturbing this otherwise peaceful setting just annoys me.  I hate having to run the thing...the pollution and noise just make me cringe.  Hopefully soon I won't need it any longer as one of the projects I'd like to do over the next couple months is add solar and possibly a wind generator.

Become self sufficient and less reliant on fossil fuels, that is one of our goals.

This might be a bit much, but I can appreciate the sentiment.
Now I need to go turn off the infernal noise maker before it drives me crazy.


  1. Check out this recent post by s/v Totem:

    They halfway through a circumnavigation, and just upgraded their wind gen.