Sunday, March 18, 2012

How it all began

If you have found this blog, chances are you already have similar ideas or we have finally told our families and you are one of them trying to answer the question posed yesterday.

Well, for a while my wife and I have known that we wanted to change our lifestyle.  We have the typical larger-than-needed suburban home, 3 mid-priced cars, and all the usual stuff society expects us to have.  And we spend 50 weeks a year working so we can afford these "things" and only 2 weeks a year really having fun and enjoying life.  Work, spend, consume...just another rat on the wheel.

A couple years ago we started looking for property that would allow us to build a more modest, likely off-grid, ultra energy efficient home away from the city.  This was going to be our retirement home, and since I was a telecommuter at the time, we figured we could likely move there early (as long as we could get internet access). axiom I've found in my career came to pass again...I lost my job.  It seems the typical software engineering job tends to only last about 5 years for one reason or another.  While this was an advantage in my early career, now each time this happens, I'm 5 years older and "the right job" seems a bit harder to find.  Do I want to go through this 4 or 5 more times before I retire?  Um, no.

I did find another job (rather quickly considering the economy) but the luster of my career choice only continues to erode.  In addition, sitting behind a desk 50 hours a week at a stressful job my whole life has started taking a bit of a toll that I need to reverse.

Continued next time....

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