Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're Dummies

Our sailing class is just under a week away.  We don't get our course materials until the first class, but we wanted to get a jump on things so we went to the local library in search of books on sailing. After flipping through several of them, we ended up with "Sailing For Dummies".  It's the first time I've looked at a "for Dummies" book. It is actually seems pretty good so far.

Chapter two of the book talks about picking a good sailing school.  They didn't cover that if you only really have one within any reasonable distance...it makes the choice fairly simple. :-) The problem with starting this in Colorado, not too many choices...but we can't afford to move to a coastal location for lessons right now.  Eventually, we will take lessons in a more appropriate location...but this should definitely suffice for the basics.

Meanwhile, the book should get us a jump on learning the basics and the amazing amount of terminology.  A rope is called a line, and a line can be a sheet...um...yeah...can't we just call a rope a rope?


  1. Uh, a rope is a rope - till ya use it for something. Then it's a line! I'm gonna love this blog! Can't wait to read all of it!

    1. Thanks Forrest! Sailing terminology is certainly interesting, isn't it?