Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Other ASA 103 Classroom Session

Ah, the irony...after practicing man overboard drills on the water a few days ago, we finally covered it in the class.  On the water we did the figure 8 and quick stop methods.  In the class, they also showed us one that the school owner came up with.  The goals of the procedure are to limit the amount of difficult tasks (such as jibing) involved getting back to the victim and give the crew a little time to get their act together.

The other main topic for this class was navigation.  We received sample navigation charts of the Rhode Island Sound area for learning purposes.  Since another hobby of mine involves navigation and maps, determining coordinates and calculating headings are tasks I already know pretty well.

The instructor was back to skipping around on the presentation slides.  Someone needs to show these folks that Powerpoint will allow you to change the order.  Not as bad as the first class, but the skipping around is definitely a distraction to learning when you spend more time thumbing through the slides than actually absorbing information.

Overall, while the classroom sessions haven't been great, I do think they add enough to the classes to make them worthwhile.  It is easier to learn some things in a classroom than while sitting on a boat.  Now we just have 3 more on-the-water lessons and we'll be done with this course.

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