Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Days Mother Nature Just Doesn't Cooperate

This past weekend we had another sailing lesson.  The forecast was for 5~10 knot winds in the morning and then building to 35 knots in the afternoon.  So, when we got out to the reservoir....yep, nothing.  Not even a light breeze.  It's kinda funny...I have a hobby where the weather often doesn't cooperate...starting to sense a trend here (beyond the fact that weathermen are really bad at guessing the weather).

Oh well, we practiced anchoring, docking, and went through reefing again even though  we definitely didn't need it.  My wife and I are definitely getting more comfortable on the boat and how everything works (the instructor even commented that we should make a good sailing team) all we need is moderate wind for the last couple lessons so we can cross the last items off the checklist.

At the end of the lesson, after we got back to the dock and were securing the boat, suddenly the wind arrived.  It was as if someone flipped a switch turning on a giant fan.  It went from no wind to 35 knots instantly.  The only time the jib caught wind was when we were folding it on the dock...and it almost went for a swim.  I guess that is one more thing we learned...a sail is hard to fold in strong winds.  Well, seems the weathermen got one small part right.

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