Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur

Shortly after purchasing Rover last December, I had to leave our future home in Hammock Beach Florida and return to Colorado.  I would be coming back in about a month to start living aboard and fixing up the boat.  Well, while I was gone a tornado hit the Palm Coast and Hammock beach area.  There was a bit of stress after I heard about the tornado, but it was a short lived event and didn't take very long for me to find out that our future home was OK.  Fortunately for us, the tornado didn't come all that close to the marina and our boat remained safe.

Fast Forward about 6 months and now there is a hurricane that has the possibility of making a pass over or near our boat.  And again, I am not near the boat.  Of course this time I hear about the hurricane well before it could become an issue so I have much more time to worry about it.  I did my best to clean up the boat before I left it, however, for expediency I was having a local sail loft come retrieve the sails, sail pack, and trampoline to do a little work while I am gone.  I did confirm a few days ago that the sail loft did retrieve the "hanging canvas", so I can only hope that the boat is in as good a condition as possible to weather any potential storms.

Hurricane Arthur Track from Weather Underground

I watch as Arthur passes by each of the places were Rover and I had stayed and takes a path similar to the path I took to move the boat north (ironically to adhere to my insurance policies requirement of where I needed to be during hurricane season).  From Hammock Beach through Jacksonville Florida and on to Brunswick Georgia all seem safe and pretty far west of the storms path.

The storm starts coming closer to the east coast and the eye of the storm passes near Southport, NC. where I spent a little over a week.  It officially made landfall near Beaufort/Morehead City NC. where I made landfall after departing Southport weeks before.  The storm crosses the Pamlico Sound and passes over Cape Hattaras, the "magic point" my insurance required that I be north of during the June 1 to November 1 hurricane season.

The storm path wobbles and veers west and then back east and finally the outer bands of the hurricane pass over where Rover sits on land in Deltaville while the eye heads back out into the Atlantic.

Arthur passing "near" our boat (red circle).

I haven't heard any reports from the yard, but presume my boat is safe.  It sounds like the winds in the area probably topped out around 30 knots.  If anything, I suspect the storms were worse than the winds but I probably won't know for sure until folks return from the US independence day holiday.


  1. My greatest fear this our boat just sits out there in Key West waiting for Novemeber 1 to get here - I'm afraid I won't have any finger nails left by then. These kinds of stories makes my heart skip beats.

    1. I was actually a bit surprised to hear one so soon heading right up the coast. Thought I would be back with the boat before the height of the season. Something we'll have to learn to live with I guess.

  2. I know the feeling. We were watching Arthur just off the coast of Florida when it only had a 20% chance of developing into anything and yet I couldn't help but worry and feel a little helpless at the same time. This wasn't supposed to be a busy hurricane season, but it seems to be starting off with a bang! Fingers crossed here...

    Kevin - We were down in the Middle Keys for the last week and the weather was gorgeous. Craving a diving break, we headed south as Arthur headed north :-)

    1. Definitely feel helpless when I'm so far away. They did say it was supposed to be a mild season this year so I wasn't expecting one so early.